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Mr. Paweł Olczyk

Member of the Board of PKP,

Director of Property Management Department

"The lawyers at SIWKO AND PARTNERS proved to be credible, professional and responsible advisors. The projects which were entrusted to the Office (...) have all been completed in a timely manner, with due diligence and without reservations".


Mr. Marcin Herra

CEO of PL.2012

"The decision about cooperating with the company was based on the good reputation of the Managing Partners at SIWKO AND PARTNERS, professional skills of their lawyers as well their past experience in infrastructure projects".


Mrs. Barbara Topolska

Country Manager of Neinver Poland

"The projects prepared ​​by SIWKO AND PARTNERS are always implemented reliably. The lawyers representing the company proved themselves to be very professional".


Mr. Erik Drukker

Board Member of DTZ Poland

"Providing the services the Office performs at the high level of professionalism, commitment and reliability as well as the ability to work in a partnership. The lawyers aimed to achieve the success".